Program Providers

FUNovision Program Providers

Across the country and world-wide many individuals and organizations, all with a unique passion for educating young children, have developed programs that can be mobilized and delivered onsite at schools and like centers within their community. Some examples of these classes and programs are:

  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Art
  • Karate
  • Computer Education
  • Foreign Language
  • …and more

All of these programs have a couple of things in common. First, they all serve as enrichment education designed to compliment the core curriculum of the education center itself. Therefore, increasing the overall education exposure potential to the children. Next, they assist many parents with the basic premise of convenience. To elaborate on this, most families in today’s economic environment are compromised of dual working partners, or families which have multiple children. In either case, it can be challenging to constantly travel here and there for classes and programs for children during times when they are not in school. These wonderful mobileized programs give parents one less place to drive, without diminishing your child’s exposure to quality enrichment education and activities. All of this is great, but there is one thing missing in all of this, parents do not have the opportunity to watch their child as they learn, laugh, and have fun, as they can at the Saturday morning soccer game. Many times, parents may not even be able to determine the value of what they are paying for! This is where FUNovision comes into play.

We bring these quality enrichment and education programs, and these memorable moments, into the home!

Mobilized programs whom utilize the FUNovision platform give parents access to their children interacting in the enrichment programs that they have chosen for them. Each venue has a completely secure webpage whereas enrolled parents can log in each week and view their child’s class, access and download weekly parent and child exercises, access and download weekly healthy recipes, and more! Here are a few more details:

In order to protect the privacy and security of both our Program Providers of the families who enjoy the FUNovision video and education platform, the list of Program Providers is on view-able by active members. Once you partner as a Program Provider or enrolled family,and obtain access credentials, you will able to view all participating partners.