Interactive Nutrition

Healthy Snack of the Week

Sometimes they simply do not like the vegetables, we get it, but that does not mean we are not going to continue to seek out new methods to get healthy food into the growing bodies of our little ones! In today’s world of fast paced social media and marketing, eating healthy is is rarely portrayed as cool, fun, or glamorous, as most of the fancy advertisements highlight the unhealthy! This does not mean it can’t be fun, in fact, we can make it ridiculously fun by using imagination and including children on the process of creation, not simply the hand to mouth portion! Each and every week we will provide parents and teachers with a creative and easy to prepare Healthy Snack of the Week recipe. The Healthy Snack of the Week is designed to be an extension of our program from which parents and teachers engage in with their children that week. It is suggested that, for the current week:

  • Parents take 20 – 30 minutes and prepare this with their children and enjoy all of its deliciousness with them
  • Teachers prepare this with their classroom as part of their weekly lesson plan/curriculum

As they are preparing these fun recipes with children/students, each are discussing the ingredients being used and their benefitsto the body and development. This further establishes consistency of positive health messaging as well as reinforce healthy eating habits from some of the most important role models in any child’s life, their parents and teachers!

Want to see it for yourself? Check out our 20 minute program explanation video.