Interactive Fitness

Stretch of the Week

Each and every week we will, on behalf of and co-branded with each each program provider, share a new Stretch of the Week both parents and teachers. The Stretch of the Week is content that has been carefully created by the team at FUNovision and is designed to be an extension of the valuable programs which our partnering program providers facilitate and help to encourage parents and teachers to engage in healthy physical habits in the home and in the classroom. It is suggested that, for the current week:

  • Parents perform these 2 – 5 minute stretches with their children daily
  • Teachers perform these 2 – 5 minute stretches as part of their daily lesson plan/curriculum

As they are performing these simple exercises with their children/students, each are discussing the muscles being engaged and the benefit of the activity to overall physical health and development. This further establishes consistency of positive health messaging as well as reinforce healthy lifestyle habits from some of the most important role models in any child’s life, their parents and teachers!

Want to see it for yourself? Check out our 20 minute program explanation video.