Interactive Fitness

Weekly Class Videos

Each week, program providers will video record (not live stream) all offered classes. These weekly videos will be uploaded onto a completely secure video channel and unique web page for parents to view and enjoy the following week. These class videos are added in a secure fashion whereas there are no sharing links or URL identifications, the audience can only watch and enjoy. Safety first!


Stretch of the Week

Each and every week we will, on behalf of each program provider, share with parents a Stretch of the Week. The Stretch of the Week is designed to be an extension of our valuable program which encourages parents to engage in healthy physical habits in the home. It is suggested that, for the current week, parents perform these 2 – 5 minute stretches with their children daily, discussing the muscles being engaged and the benefit of the activity. This further reinforceshealthy lifestyle habits from the most important role model in any child’s life, their parents!